Patch for fixing random MAC address on Beagleboard-xM

At the moment Beagleboard-xM uses USB to Ethernet linux driver smsc95xx.c. The one really annoying issue with this driver is that it sets random MAC address on each boot. Patch listed below fixes this issue. MAC address can be configured as a linux kernel command line parameter, for example by changing U-Boot “bootargs” parameter. Please note that on Beagleboard-xM you can’t save U-Boot parameters using “saveenv” command. The easiest way is to change your “user.scr” boot script file on BB SD card. In order to generate new “user.scr” file you can use next script as reference (“uboot-mkimage” have to be installed in your system):Script: mkbootscr.shPatch: kernel-2.6.32-random-mac-address-fix.patch